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Growing Zones+ Mod

Author of the Growing Zones+ Mod: BabyLettuce

Finally, growth zones get increased functionality! This mod adds a bill system (similar to the one found in crafting stations) to vanilla growing zones, allowing automation of growth zones!

Growing Zones+ Mod features

Set plant growing bills to:

  • Grow plants forever.
  • Grow plants until you have X of said plant.
  • Grow plants until you have X amount of edible products

The mod also adds a toggle that determines whether colonists should cut/sow over already sown plants when the zone’s plant-type changes. No more pesky cutting of nearly-grown plants when you decide you’d rather have corn instead of rice!

Planned features (in order of priority):

  • Continue fleshing out the details menu for bills.
  • (Somehow) make this compatible with hydroponics “zones”.
  • Create a “custom plan” bill, that lets you determine where and what plants are grown on the zone’s grid.
  • Test more compatibility.

Compatibility notes

In my testing both auto-cut blight and mods that add additional plants have ZERO compatibility issues with this mod!

Works with VE Plants, Auto-cut Blight, Seeds Please Lite, and Smart Farming! (and maybe Growth Sync Continued?).


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