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Ground Turret Mod

Author of the Ground Turret Mod: Alfie Brook

The Ground Turret Mod adds “burrow” and “unburrow” commands to turrets.

Clear all enemy hatred when in the concealed state.

Offer a way to protect your turrets and distract enemy’s attack route.

To balance, you’ll have to charge to make the turrets function again.

Compatibility notes


  • Combat Extended
  • Simple Turrets (Unofficial)
  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Security
  • Rimsenal – Security Pack
  • [XND] Turret Extensions (Continued)
  • Dubs Rimatomics
  • Vanilla Factions Expanded – Mechanoids
  • 【TOT】神州重工武器包
  • Rimlaser
  • Brrrt
  • Brrrt-Retexturrrre
  • Defensive Machine Gun Turret Pack
  • Reinforced Mechanoid 2
  • Hyacinth’s Mechanoid Addon – GD MK3
  • Pulsefire Turret (Continued)
  • Drakken Laser Drill
  • RedSun
  • Tactical Charged Gear (Continued)
  • ancients craftable
  • Turret Collection (Unofficial)
  • Bill Doors’ Turret Collection Retexture
  • Bill Doors’ Plasma Weapons
  • Grandyy’s Energy Turrets
  • Grandyy’s Enhanced Mini Turrets

84 patches in total.

Source code at: Github

For other turret modders: It’s very simple to add this command to your turret. Just add ‘comp’ by using OperationAdd & patch.
You can custom texture of Hatches for your turrets or all of hatches for your turret.
For further guidance, please read this.

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