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Graze up Mod

Author of the Graze up Mod: Kittah Khan

What does the Graze up Mod do?

  • (configurable) Animals no longer destroy the plants that they eat outright. The list of animals that does destroy plants can be adjusted, there are none by default.
  • Grazing removes a portion of growth equal to the nutrition eaten.
  • (configurable) Animals can now graze for plants covered in snow. These plants do not grow while snowed under, and may die from age.
  • (configurable) Plant nutrition and lifespan modifiers.

In summary, chickens no longer clear out a pasture in three seconds flat, you can cycle through pastures and your animals can find grass that’s been snowed under, your dreams of a reindeer colony can finally come true.

Does this mean I don’t need to replant my rice field?
No, these changes only apply to grazing, not harvesting.

Can’t I just have my animals graze in my corn and rice fields?
Grazing does not look at the nutrition value of what can be harvested from a plant, but at the plant’s base nutrition value. Grass and plants that don’t die from being harvested are king (wild berry bushes and ambrosia bushes).

What’s the difference between this and Grazing Lands?

  • This affects all plants, not just vanilla grass, for instance, mods that add sowable grass or custom grass also benefit. Alpha Beavers are probably also a bit less destructive by default, though you can of course make them destructive grazers.
  • (configurable) Regrowing plants like berry bushes are treated a bit closer to vanilla, where they provide multiple times their base nutrition value.
  • (configurable) Plants that are snowed under can be grazed, this is enabled by default.
  • (configurable) Global plant lifespan and nutrition can be modified, if you’re annoyed by plants having very short lifespans in general, you can add a soft floor, where plants that are under that lifespan get nudged halfway towards the floor value. This of course would make base game flowers more viable.
  • (configurable) Certain animals can engage in destructive grazing, this is disabled by default.
  • I’m still working on it, if you have good low-impact ideas that fit the mod, they can be implemented, make your suggestions below, I’ll probably respond.
  • I’m told that Grazing Lands is a CPU hog because it uses Tick functions, I haven’t verified the veracity of this claim.
  • My workshop image is much cooler, of course.

Is it compatible with X?
Probably, mods that mess with plant ingestion are incompatible.

This mod can substitute for the following mod: Grazing Lands


Version 1.4

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