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Graffiti Mod Mod

Author of the Graffiti Mod Mod: Mlie


Unhappy colonists who are at least somewhat artistic will smear your walls with graffiti. Doing so counts as recreation and also gives a positive thought for a day. It is quite hard to clean again, though.

If you want to give your base (or your dungeon?) a more permanent ghetto look, try using other mods like CleaningArea to prevent the automatic cleaning of the graffiti.

All graffiti currently are ugly. Beautiful wall art is not part of this mod, right now. I plan on updating this mod in the future and that would be the next addition.

Graffiti Mod Mod features

  • Unhappy pawns create graffiti
  • Graffiti is ugly and must be cleaned
  • New mental break: painting spree

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