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Giddy-up! Battle Mounts Mod

Author of the Giddy-up! Battle Mounts Mod: Roolo

The Giddy-up! Battle Mounts Mod focuses on mounting with the purpose of battling. Therefore, mounting can only be done with drafted pawns. Other mods in the series that might be released in the future will add mounting for non-drafted pawns.

Giddy-up! Battle Mounts Mod features

  • Drafted pawns can mount almost any animal that is large enough. The list of animals that can be mounted can be configured in the mod options of Giddy-up! Core.
  • Drawing priority (explained in Q&A below) can be configured in the mod options of Giddy-up! Core for any animal.
  • During raids and ambushes, enemy non-tribal pawns have a 20% chance to spawn with a mount, while enemy tribal pawns have a 40% chance. These chances can be configured in the mod options.
  • Mounted pawns have an accuracy penalty, this penalty can be configured in the options.
  • Movement speed of mounting pawns will be equal to the speed of the animal it is mounting. This is especially great for pawns with slow movement speeds (by injury or perks).
  • Animals that are mounted will attack the target their rider is currently fighting when in range!
  • Animals can only be mounted if they have completed obedience training.

Questions & Answers

  • How do my pawns mount animals? 
    First make sure the pawn is drafted, then right click the animal and an option to mount should appear.
  • We need horses! Can we get and ride those?
    Sure, the following mod adds horses and many other animals: AnimalCollabProj. Or install the Horses Mod for only horses.
  • How about mounting for non-combat situations?
    This mod will only focus on combat situations (i.e. mounting for drafted pawns). This feature might be added in the future. This means caravanning is not possible in this mod yet.
  • Can pawns shoot while the mount they are riding is moving?
    Not by default, but they can if you install RunAndGun, which makes this mod so much cooler.
  • Does this work for any animal?
    Yes, however, animals below a certain body size are disabled by default. Moreover, for some animals it looks really weird when pawns are drawn on top of them (especially in frontal view), these animals have also been disabled by default (this is for Caribou, Ibex and Labrador Retriever). You can however enable these animals if you don’t mind the drawing issues. Even stronger, you can enable mounting for any animal in the mod settings, so if you want your pawns to mount rabbits, be my guest!
  • Will it work for animals added by other mods?
    In theory, yes, but there are some things to take into account. By default, pawns will be drawn on top of animals. For many animals this is okay, but for animals with long necks or horns it might look weird in frontal view as the pawn will be drawn on top of their face or horns. However, in the mod settings of Giddy-up Core you can change the drawing priority for any animal. This will solve most issues but not all. Some animals will look weird with any drawing priority, if you don’t like that, you can disable mounting for the animal, or not.

Compatibility notes

The Giddy-up! Core Mod is compatible with the following languages: English, Japanese (by Proxyer), Simplified Chinese (by LingLuo), Korean (by LazyDog), French (by kaptain_kavern), Spanish (by Sam), Russian (by Garr Incorporated) and German (by RoffeIchen).

If you find that animal names are still appearing in English in the mod settings after switching to another language, this can be fixed by changing anything (doesn’t matter what) in the mod settings and closing the mod settings. If you then re-open the settings, the right translations should appear.

Original Ludeon Forums post here.

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