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Giant uranium slug turret Mod

Author of the Giant uranium slug turret Mod: mo

Adds a 3×3 giant uranium turret.

Giant uranium slug turret Mod features


Damage: 120 direct damage+55 bullet fragmentation damage (evenly distributed across various body parts)
Armor penetration: 120%
Under Vanilla, this terrifying giant uranium cannon can effectively kill all targets at long distances, not just heavy centipedes. As long as it hits humans, it is highly likely to die directly. Even if it is not directly fatal, there will be no situation where a regular uranium turret only hits the enemy’s ear while the enemy is still active.

Combat Extended

Use 90mm cannon shells with a five round magazine.
Do you want the uranium cannon to return to its peak in the CE environment? Now you only need to pay a little land area to experience the uranium cannon from a long time ago.

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