General Submission Guidelines

  1. All content submitted must be yours or must be submitted with explicit permission of the creator. Our Moderation team randomly reaches out to the creators if you’re posting on their behalf and will check.
  2. If you are submitting content that is not yours, please mention the original author using the specific field on the submission form.
  3. Screenshots and descriptions attached with your submissions must be of quality. Your screenshots should outline all features of your submission, and your description should give users an idea of what’s included in your submission (scenario, mod, challenge, etc.)
  4. Reposting content that is already posted on our site is not allowed. If you’re the creator of a submission and have an update for it, you may edit the original post. Re-submitting something for an update is not permitted.
  5. Ad links are allowed on the RimWorld Base. Once the download button is clicked, it can redirect to an ad link and the ad link must immediately redirect to the download link. If the ad link redirects to anything other than the mod/tool/scenario download link, your content will be denied. Our Moderators strictly enforce this rule.
  6. All your content must be malware clean.
  7. All content must be appropriate for a younger audience. Submissions with swear words or inappropriate messages throughout the submission will be denied.

Mods, Tools and Scenarios

  1. They must work on the latest publicly available version available. You may additionally add links to older versions if you wish.
  2. They must be clean with no malicious intent to the users game.
  3. They must not contain any inappropriate content or language.
  4. If they will lag the users device or game, a warning must be posted in the description.
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