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Gene Extractor Tiers Mod

Author of the Gene Extractor Tiers Mod: RedMattis

The Gene Extractor Tiers Mod adds improved versions of the gene extractor which will extract genes from a characters until you’ve extracted every gene available. An improved version can also extract archite genes.

At default settings it will extract one gene every 8 days without applying Genes Regrowing. You can simply leave a character in there and as long as the power doesn’t go out, and they have food, gene packs will keep being produced.

If there is no food or power is cut they will die after 2 days, same as with the vanilla Biotech Growth Vats.

Gene Extractor Tiers Mod features

The mod contains Gene Vat Extractors. You load a character into the vat and supply it with nutrition. The vat will then slowly extract genes from the person in the vat, preferring genes you don’t have singles of (a gene pack with that gene and nothing else).

The Vat can spawn one of three types of genepacks.

  • Singlepack [40%]: A gene pack with a single gene you don’t already have in a singlepack
  • Multipack [45%]: A gene pack with 2-4 genes, at least one of which will be one you don’t have in a singlepack.
  • Megapack [15%]: A gene pack with 3-16 genes, but otherwise as per the above.


By default it takes 8 days to extract a gene. This can be changed to any value.

You can change the percentage chance of each genepack to spawn.

Compatibility notes

Compatible with Vanilla Nutrient Paste Expanded so you can pour that highly efficient nutrient goop straight into their veins! …er, or however that works.

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