RimWorld Mods

Comigo’s Garden Beds Mod

Author of the Comigo’s Garden Beds Mod: Косуля

Yet another garden bed mod!

These are paintable, stuffable, and allow farming with 100% fertility of the soil in places where you normally wouldn’t be able to do so. Making these also reduces the dirtiness factor by half compared to just planting the crops into ground, and the boxes themselves will show off some beauty.

The mod integrates nicely with the Soil Relocation Framework, and is quite OP without it, but still that mod is optional.

There are garden beds of several sizes for farming, a couple of beds for tree planting, and one nice flower bed that lines up nicely along walls.

All the farming beds are locked behind a quick 300-point research called Gardening; tree growing spots will require Tree Sowing research. Flower beds are available instantly.

Smaller beds are minifiable and you can relocate them; others cannot be relocated without deconstructing them. Tree growing spots require diggable terrain to build upon.

Enjoy, luberfoot! (⊙ヮ⊙)/

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