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Frankenstein’s Menagerie Mod

Author of the Frankenstein’s Menagerie Mod: GarryFlowers

With Frankenstein’s Menagerie Mod you can dissect pawns into their body parts and reassemble them into undead creatures.

Frankenstein’s Menagerie Mod features

4 New Buildings:

  • The Part Container can store parts to make them available to linked buildings.
  • The Abominizer can reassemble parts from connected Part Containers into new parts that combine their functions.
  • The Animator can reanimate parts as new creatures. Their stats and bodies will depend on the part that was animated.
  • The Stuffing Station increases the capicity of parts in the Abominizer, so more parts can be attached per part.

1 New Animal:

The stitch is a new animal added by this mod. It should not appear naturally (please drop a comment if it does) and can only be created using the animator. What body parts it has and how they’re arranged, as well as it’s capacities, depend greatly on the part that was used to create it.

They cannot recover blood naturally and are created at 99% bloodloss, so a hemogen transfusion is required to get them on their feet. Hemogen required scales with size. They’re also immune to pain and do not die from a lethal amount of damage (though other factors like bloodloss or losing required body parts like the brain is still fatal).

They can also be drafted and instructed to attack enemies in melee.

The Production Pipeline:

First you’ll want to dissect creatures at the butcher’s table, which will give you parts. Dissecting humanoids is disabled by default and must be turned on manually in the recipe to prevent happy accidents. On average, you will receive 25% of the body part of your victim volunteer.

The parts must then be stored in part containers, which can hold up to 12 parts each.

From there, a linked abominizer can take them and recombine them into new parts. While parts are being recombined they are temporarily removed from the part containers and instead stored in the abominizer.

Once a sufficient part has been created it can be reanimated in the animator. To do this, all red warnings must be taken care of. If you hover over the currently selected part in the abominizer or animator, you will be able to see the list of warnings, which will help you create a viable creature.

Each individual capacity of your creature is determined by the part used. Some parts have “potencies”. When the part is animated, each capacity will be set to it’s relevant potency divided by the total size of the animated part. If multiple potencies contribute to the same capacity, such as with blood filtration from kidneys and livers, they are multiplied after the previously mentioned division.

After the part has been animated into a “Stitch” it will be at 99% bloodloss. Make sure to pack enough brains into it to survive the -40% consciousness hit from this.


Version 1.5
Frankenstein’s Menagerie Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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