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Floors Are (Almost) Worthless Mod

Author of the Floors Are (Almost) Worthless Mod: Leaguenet

A very simple patch that sets the wealth of all constructed floors to 1. The way floors impact colony wealth in vanilla always made little sense to me, especially since all pre-placed floors on the starting map automatically counted towards your wealth.

I guess it does make the game a bit easier, but the main point is it makes it more consistent. It didn’t feel right to play something where the optimal strategy was to never build any floors. Now those raiders won’t send an army after you just because you dared to lay some good-looking parquet!

The patch is very lightweight, as it modifies just one abstract – and through it, sets the price for all floors derived from it. This makes it, at least in theory, work for modded floors as well. The several floor mods I use seem to also be affected by this tweak. Feel free to use it however you want and incorporate it into your work as well. If you encounter any floors that it doesn’t work with, feel free to let me know.

  • Works with most modded floors (feel free to report if any aren’t affected).
  • Affects all floors except for smoothed stone

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