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Fish Industry Mod

Author of the Fish Industry Mod: Rikiki

There is so much water in this world and you always dreamt to eat a fresh grilled fish! Here it comes, the Fish Industry debarks in Rimworld!

The Fish Industry Mod adds several fish-related resources, buildings and jobs, allowing your colony to live off the water.

Fish Industry mod features

  • Fishing pier: simple building built on a water bank. It allows your hunters to catch some fishes.
  • Fishing pier (on mud): it costs more but can be built on mud.
  • Aquaculture basin: advanced building used to breed some aquatic species. Expensive renewable source of meat. Is unlocked by “Aquaculture” research after “Hydroponics”.
  • Aquaculture hopper: refrigerated hopper to hold fishes’ food (must be built near an aquaculture basin).
  • New recipes at the campfire to cook a grilled fish simple meal.
  • Oyster as joy food.
  • New meditative joy activity on fishing pier (watching shiny water).

The fishing job is considered a hunting job. Its tasks’ priorities are defined as follows: hunting > operating aquaculture basin > filling aquaculture hopper> fishing at fishing pier.

You can stop fishing activities by forbidding the fishing pier and flicking the aquaculture basin’s power.

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