Fish Industry Mod

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Author of the Fish Industry Mod: Rikiki

There is so much water in this world and you always dreamt to eat a fresh grilled fish! Here it comes, the Fish Industry debarks in Rimworld!

The Fish Industry Mod adds several fish-related resources, buildings and jobs, allowing your colony to live off the water.

Fish Industry mod features

  • Fishing pier: simple building built on a water bank. It allows your hunters to catch some fishes.
  • Fishing pier (on mud): it costs more but can be built on mud.
  • Aquaculture basin: advanced building used to breed some aquatic species. Expensive renewable source of meat. Is unlocked by “Aquaculture” research after “Hydroponics”.
  • Aquaculture hopper: refrigerated hopper to hold fishes’ food (must be built near an aquaculture basin).
  • New recipes at the campfire to cook a grilled fish simple meal.
  • Oyster as joy food.
  • New meditative joy activity on fishing pier (watching shiny water).

The fishing job is considered a hunting job. Its tasks’ priorities are defined as follows: hunting > operating aquaculture basin > filling aquaculture hopper> fishing at fishing pier.

You can stop fishing activities by forbidding the fishing pier and flicking the aquaculture basin’s power.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Are you into cooking?

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Check it out!

Fish Industry Mod Review
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  • Originality
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The Fish Industry Mod is a great way of putting the lakes in RimWorld to good use. Not only it’s logic for survivors to try to obtain food from fishing, but it’s also a way to get assorted meals!

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