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Firefoam Things Mod

Author of the Firefoam Things Mod: Dickmosi

Firefoam Things Mod adds multiple handy tools to aid your colonists in dealing with unruly fires. Each piece of equipment is designed to excel at a certain task. The firefoam launcher can quickly extinguish small fires at a long distance, whereas the firefoam grenades can deal with larger fires, at the cost of a shorter range. Lastly, there’s the Firefoam Sprayer which can be used to create temporary firebreaks or to completely smother indoor fires – However, it leaves quite a mess.

All pieces of equipment are integrated with Vanilla research, this mod adds no new research projects. This should greatly enhance the otherwise lackluster firefoam research project. All equipment can either be crafted by your colony, or brought from traders for a reasonable price. Everything was carefully designed to fit in with the Vanilla game and Vanilla Expanded mod series.

Firefoam Things Mod features

A wide-barreled Firefoam shell launcher. The shells release a small burst of fire-retardant foam on impact, extinguishing nearby fires.

Useful for quickly extinguishing small fires from short to long distances, and for extinguishing animals or pawns that are on fire.

A pressurised Firefoam sprayer. Releases a short-distance wide burst of fire-retardant foam through its nozzle, extinguishing fires and prevents fires from spreading.

Useful for creating temporary firebreaks or smothering indoor fires.

Grenades filled with Firefoam. They can be thrown a short distance, releasing a large burst of fire-retardant foam that extinguish nearby fires.

Useful for safely extinguishing fires.

Compatibility notes

Not compatible with Combat Extended.

Additional credits:

XML, Artwork and Writing by dickmosi
VWE – Grenades by the Vanilla Expanded team
Mod inspired by Randy Random burning all my flammable bases in new and creative ways every save

Licensed under (CC BY 4.0)
Mod Artwork Source (SVGs and Illustrator Files)

Please let me know any feedback you have in terms of balancing, artwork and whatnot. I’m sure my next mod will be crate, although right now it’s a tie between two mod ideas.

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