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Filth Vanishes with Rain and Time

Author of the Filth Vanishes with Rain and Time: FrozenSnowFox

Has half of your map been turned into a steaming pile of ash? Then this is the mod for you. Simple yet effective mod that does what it claims to.

The Filth Vanishes with Rain and Time patches the parent def BaseFilth to add a tag so filth washes away in the rain/snow. What does this mean? It means every type of filth in the game and every type of filth added by mods that uses BaseFilth will be washed away in the rain/snow. It also adds a tag to filth so it disappear after 14-15 days without rain/snow/cleaning. As a result with this mod rain/snow will now clean your map and any areas that are undercover, forgotten and not cleaned for a long time will eventually become clean on their own.

The following types of filth will now be washed away by rain/snow and vanish over time.

  • Animal Filth
  • Trash
  • Sand
  • Rock Rubble
  • Building Rubble
  • Scattered Slag
  • Scattered Sandbags
  • Machine Bits
  • Ash

Note: In vanilla some filth types such as blood, corpse bile, dirt, firefoam and a few other things already vanish with rain/snow.

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