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FashionRIMsta Mod

Authors of the FashionRIMsta Mod: Spoonshortage, Nackblad

The FashionRIMsta Mod adds apparel to RimWorld. This new apparel comes with certain variables that influence how well pawns perform at their job. For example, doctors wearing Surgical Masks and Scrubs will perform better surgeries, and cooks wearing a Chef Jacket and a Chef Hat will work faster.

FashionRIMsta Mod new clothing

  • Fur Coat. A savagely warm fur coat for the savage fashion fan! Wraps the important bits and bobs in dead animal hide and fur and keeps them safe from freezing winter temperatures. The preferred winter look of the tribals of the Rim! Note: Since dead animal fur is heavy to schlep around all day, walking and working too fast is not recommended/possible. –fashionRIMsta, Dept. of Design.
  • Fur Hat. These hats made of fur, are a replica of those worn by the ancient warriors of the Ra-Shain plains of Terra. They are the perfect headgear for cold weather protection, both stylish and practical.
  • Chef Jacket. Show off your cooking skills with this professional chef jacket! Butcher faster! Cook better! Brew more! And impress your fellow colonists with your tasty creations that have a lesser chance of poisoning them!
  • Chef Hat. Complete your professional chef look, and forget all those nasty hairs in the soup, with this innovative and practical chef’s hat. Cook, brew and butcher faster, better and with style!
  • Thermal Pants. These fashionable thermal pants represent the height of cold-weather apparel innovation! They keep the bottom warm and feel like sitting on a fluffy cloud. From the Glitterworlds to the Rim, they are the perfect high-tech choice for cold temperatures.
  • Cargo Shorts. Enjoy the summer and show off your legs with these perfectly tailored cargo shorts! With no sweating between your legs, even the work goes faster! Note: Independent studies have shown that the aerodynamic and cooling properties of these shorts verifiably enhance walking and working speed. –fashionRIMsta, Dept. of Science.
  • Desert Robe. The desert robe is the perfect apparel for a hot day.
    It is easy to craft at a crafting spot and allows for a nice, cool breeze around the nether regions, to combat the heat of summer and excessive sweating. It is one of the typical summer clothes worn by the tribal people of the Rim.
  • Desert Head Wrap. Are you tired of the sand blowing in your face? The sun baking on your head? Fear no more! The desert head wrap is here! It will protect you from the heat, sand and general unpleasantness of summer. But beware! Since your face is covered, you will sound like a mumbling idiot, so people won’t understand you well!
  • Scrubs. These scrubs are the perfect choice for the medically inclined colonist. They are sanitary, super blood-resistant and give the appearance of medical professionalism, even without a degree!
    Note: FashionRIMsta does not condone the practice of medicine without a professional degree and is not liable for any and all consequences of malpractice and/or accidents performed while wearing our medical apparel. –fashionRIMsta, Legal Dept.
  • Surgical Mask. This mask prevents the wearer from being splattered in the face with blood/tissue/brains/fluids while performing any medical tasks. Also shields the ‘patient’ from bacteria and/or dirt coming from the mask-wearer.
  • Military Fatigues. Now also available for civilians, our military fatigues! The ideal uniform choice for any charismatic warmonger or charming guerrilla fighter! Crush your enemies and defend you turf with these highly innovative fatigues.
  • Gasmask. No air? No problem! Our new and redesigned gasmask will keep you breathing worry-free for at least 50% longer* in any nasty and toxic environment! Note: *percentage is an estimate. FashioRIMsta is not liabale for any and all injuries resulting from prolonged exposure to toxic air and discourages the user from excessive communicating and hunting activities while wearing our product. –FashionRIMsta, Legal Dept.
  • Gardening Vest. Shriveled corn? Tiny potatoes? Put on the gardening vest and show your prowess on the “plowing field” like a Pro! Plant your seeds and pluck those flowers, make that black thumb green again!
  • Construction Jacket. Brightly colored for perfect visibility, the construction Jacket is a must-have addition for every growing colony! Let your colonists stand out not only by style
    but also by the speed they mine and build!
  • Fine Shirt. Up your social-game with our business line shirt!
    Whether you want the ladies to drop their panties or traders to drop their prices, no one will be save from your ice-like coolness.
  • Overalls. Swing that mop and move those feet! Our “Professional Professionals” product line introduces: The Overall. A new and improved uniform for all you hip and fashion-aware Colony Environmental Hygienists, Habitat Contaminant Removal Executives and Resource Location Adjustment Technicians! Wear fashionRIMsta – be a professional.

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