Faction Manager Mod

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Authors of the Faction Manager Mod: VolatileGlitchAviator, Taranchuk

You have to many colonies and its getting harder day by day to manage all of them? Have you ever wanted to build a strong faction and to control large amounts of land like normal factions do but you could not manage more than some colonies at a time? Then the Faction Manager Mod is for you.

Faction Manager Mod features

The Faction Manager Mod lets you unload (“freeze”) any colony so you can focus on your other colonies. Need something from that colony? No problem, load it again and play like nothing happened. This mod is great if you have a lot of colonists and want to some of them to found a new colony, to be able to devote your full attention to that colony you can unload your other colonies and play on the new one, need help with some raid or with resources during a toxic fallout? Just load the maps you previously unloaded and send help. This way you can build a real faction.

Last but not least, want to have a prison colony where you can butcher other people, harvest their organs, make hats and your other colonies to not get the debuff, then this mod is really for you. Just unload all colonies but this one and torture shall begin, when you are done you can load other colonies again and continue your work.

License: MIT License, Copyright (c) 2018 Petru Grozea

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

Faction Manager Mod
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If you’re looking to travel the world by setting up multiple colonies along the way, but the game gets way too laggy or it’s getting difficult to manage all colonies at once, the Faction Manager Mod is what you’ve been looking for. Start new colonies without having to start a new game, and forget about your other bases until you need them again! The Faction Manager Mod gives way to a whole new approach to RimWorld gameplay.

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