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Expanded Roofing Mod

Author of the Expanded Roofing Mod: Kiame Vivacity

The Expanded Roofing Mod adds customizable roofing, with transparent greenhouse roofing and photovoltaic solar roofing. Reworked from Vendan’s original idea. A direct port of the Github version made by AaronCRobinson. I take no credit for anything made in this mod.

Found bugs? Please report them on the Github page.

Expanded Roofing Mod features

  • Transparent roofs that let almost all light through
  • Solar roofs and controllers that can be used to generate power
  • Removal of thick roofs
  • Thick roofs (which require maintenance as of Late A17/B18)
  • 4 new techs to research for each of these features.
  • Disables settings when `Don’t Tempt Me!` is enabled (Vassteel Rydex’s request)

Solar Roofing and Controllers explained

  • Each controller has a max output of 2500w
  • Each solar tile produces 200w during full sun
  • There is no limit to the number of controllers connected to a section of tiles

Roof Maintenance

  • Maintenance required for thick roofs (only)
  • Maintenance is a long tick (once every 2000 ticks)
  • Maintenance is required after 5000 ticks (~167 days)
  • After 7500 ticks collapses can occur by MTB event. (~250 days)
  • MTB event is set for 3.5 days.
  • These numbers are subject to change.


  • New designators are in the `Zone` tab
  • Due to how roofs are implement, it’s easiest to rezone default roofing to new types.

Compatibility notes

It’s recommended to have this mod load early in your mod load order.

Translations: English, Turkish (by Slevilex), Russian (by Garr Incorporated, updated by lex1975), French (by Jozay), Chinese (by Rosenmund and 不为人知的汉子) and Japanese (by mundane_m).

Acknowledgements: Thank to Erdelf for getting me back on track and Xen for designator artwork and special thanks to Pardeike’s amazing non-destructive patching library, Harmony.

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