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ExGT UrbanCombat Mod

Authors of the ExGT UrbanCombat Mod: mo, 空曜

ExGT UrbanCombat Mod adds some special equipment, buildings and weapons for urban combat

ExGT UrbanCombat Mod features

Hemostatic Station: A medical station with automatic injection tube to provide hemostatic drugs for friendly troops in the range.

Mobile Barricade: A mobile bulletproof barricade deployed by a mechanoid explodes in front of it when it is destroyed.


Demolition Bomb: Sticky bomb launcher for urban demolition.

Turret Belt: A portable machine gun tower that can be thrown out for deployment.

Bulletproof equipment: Bullet-proof equipment commonly used in urban combat, including a shield and a helmet.


Experimental salvo rifle: An ancient Experimental salvo rifle,5 bullets can be fired at a time, thus improving the hit rate,unlock by Microelectronics Basics.

KS23K: A semi-automatic version of the horror shotgun with auto cannon barrel as the barrel.

Carbine: Short-barrel rifle, used often in close quarters street battle.

dll by 空曜
cepatch by float

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