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ESCP – Necromantic Thralls Mod

Author of the ESCP – Necromantic Thralls Mod: SirMashedPotato

The ESCP – Necromantic Thralls Mod adds in an updated version of the thrall system from ESCP Sload, except this time without the baggage of giant slug people. Comes with a highly customisable mod settings menu, allowing you to decide what makes your thralls special.

ESCP – Necromantic Thralls Mod features

N’gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!

A rare tome that can be obtained as a quest reward, or from traders. Its pages hold within the secrets of creating necromantic thralls, which a pawn can learn by reading it. Sadly the tome is incredibly old, and will crumble to dust once it has been read.

Necromantic Thralls

A corpse puppeteered by a necromancer, using ancient Sloadic magic. While the corpse is technically alive again, the mind is barely conscious, and effectively simply an extension of its masters. They are unaffected by many of the things that affect living pawns, both detrimental, and beneficial.

Thrall Limit

There is a limit to how many thralls a single necromancer can control, dictated by the pawns intellectual skill. The limit will be increased by 1 roughly every 3 levels, up to a maximum of 10 thralls.

Thrall Limit Tomes

Rare tomes that can be obtained as quest rewards, or from traders. Someone with sufficient knowledge of necromantic thralls can read this tome, increasing their thrall limit by 1. A pawn can gain a maximum of 10 additional thralls this way.

Starting Scenario

An additional scenario is added, starting you with a single pawn, one copy of N’gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!, and limited resources. Luckily for you, you will also start with three corpse caskets. These can be opened, revealing the fresh corpse contained within. They will fall apart in the process, leaving behind some wood and steel.

Mod Settings Menu

While most of the settings simply disable/enable thralls being affected by specific things, there’s also several additional settings that change how thralls work.

Extra Stuff

Ideology: A precept that disables the creation of necromantic thralls.


Can you enthrall animals?

Can you enthrall mechanoids?

Can you enthrall X HAR race?
Most likely yes. By default most HAR races will be able to be enthralled, as long as they are considered fleshy enough.

Does this work with Combat Extended?
No idea. I don’t use it, and don’t expect I ever will. Please don’t ask me, and instead direct your questions to the people that actually work on that mod. That way you actually get an answer instead of a snarky response.

Why are thralls affected by X?
Most likely because I didn’t know they were.
Alternatively, because Tynan didn’t make it easy to prevent them being affected by X.

There’s no sever connection/draft gizmo on animal thralls?
Something must’ve changed in 1.4, simply saving, then loading that save, should make them appear. Do note that animal thralls are only draftable if you have VE Framework enabled.

One of my thralls is missing, and now the game breaks if I click the necromancer?
There’s a debug tool that will hopefully fix it:

  • Turn on dev mode.
  • Open the dev actions window.
  • Select “Clean Missing recromantic Thralls”, yes I now realise there is a typo there.
  • Then click on the necromancer.

Also available on GitHub

Additional credits:

  • Based on the ‘Elder Scrolls’ series by Bethesda Game Studios.
  • Big thanks to the testers on the ESCP Discord, and also that fantastic person in Pyon’s Dungeon, you know who you are.
  • Big thanks to Brrainz for Harmony, without which I would have been driven insane.
  • Many of the fonts used were made by Pixel Sagas.
  • Kropolis for the absolutely fantastic MorrowRim banner art.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Version 1.5
ESCP – Necromantic Thralls Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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