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Erin’s Valheim Creatures Mod

Author of the Erin’s Valheim Creatures Mod: Erin

A collection of Valheim animals I felt would find a place at home in Rimworld. Lox to carry your goods, Valboar to provide meat, Frostwolves to protect your colony, and more.

Beware, Frostwolves have a special hunting event; you will want to take them out before they tear apart every animal on the map.

More may be added in the future, however I will consider this mod complete as of release. You’re safe from the Deathsquitos… For now. 🙂

  • Why?
    – Why not. <3
  • Where do they spawn??
    – Most of the animals spawn in temperate climates, including arid and sometimes boreal, however Frostwolves are limited to just the colder biomes.
  • CE?
    – That’s up to them.
  • I have a suggestion! I don’t like this or this!
    – Great, put it in the comments, just don’t be an ass about it or you’ll be ignored!
  • I found a bug! Help?
    – Put it in the comments with a description of what’s happening and a link to a Hugslib log. No log, no help!

  • Art by Erin and Neronix17.
  • Mod page art base by Oskar Potocki.
  • Writing by Lessy on my Discord server.
  • C# by Legodude.

Animal designs owned by IronGate Studios. I simply made them in the Rimworld style.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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