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Erin’s Cottage Collection Mod

Authors of the Erin’s Cottage Collection Mod: Erin, Oracle of Thessia

Erin’s Cottage Collection is a selection of furniture and more all designed lovingly to make the coziest Rim World Possible! Wood burning fires, loads of blankets, and potted plants galore to turn your drab wooden shacks in to proper frontier cabins that look ready to survive the winter in both style and comfort. Whether you’re trying to add a little flair to your cozy campfires or some extra décor to your garden, there’s something in store for you.

While this mod is considered content-complete at the date of release, more things may be added in the future so keep an eye out!

Erin’s Cottage Collection Mod features

  • A whole standard furniture set including a lamp, beds, end table, dresser, chairs, and multiple tables with one including a blanket!
  • 4 different potted plants.
  • 2 new floors to choose from.
  • A cozy fireplace, with electric and chemfuel options available.
  • A new wood-fueled stove, with electric option available.
  • 4 apparel pieces for that cottagecore flair.
  • Plus a variety of decorative pieces to fill out your rooms.
  • 3 new clustering ground flowers.
  • Pretty, pruned rose bushes to plant in pots and the ground.


  • Why?
    – Why not. <3
  • CE?
    – That’s up to them.
  • I have a suggestion! I don’t like this or this!
    – Great, put it in the comments, just don’t be an ass about it or you’ll be ignored!
  • I found a bug! Help?
    – Put it in the comments with a description of what’s happening and a link to a Hugslib log. No log, no help!

Additional credits:

  • Concept and art by Erin
  • Art by OracleOfThessia
  • C# by Neronix

RimWorld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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