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Erin’s Corvyia Mod

Author of the Erin’s Corvyia Mod: Erin

Get ready to get a-murderin’ as a whole murder of Corvyia have flocked to the Rim! An all-female race with a focus on witchcraft and spirituality, this corvid xenotypes are social, capable of flight, and appreciative of a fine shiny. Just be careful – these ladies have memories and grudges just as long as real crows. Enjoy a unique social dynamic with these egg-layers and live out your idealized cottagecore dreams with the Corvyia!

This mod contains only the xenotype, with no extra items or gameplay. No factions will be added.

Erin’s Corvyia Mod features


  • Why?
    – Why not. <3
  • Where do they spawn??
    – They will mainly spawn in tribal factions, though with the Xenotype Spawn Control mod, you can put them wherever you want.
  • I have a suggestion! I don’t like this or this!
    – Great, put it in the comments, just don’t be an ass about it or you’ll be ignored!
  • I found a bug! Help?
    – Put it in the comments with a description of what’s happening and a link to a Hugslib log. No log, no help!

Additional credits:

  • Concept and art by Erin
  • Writing by ReannShepherd & Haru’a
  • C# by Taranchuk
  • Thumbnail art by the wonderful Mothimistic
  • Mod page art template edited from one provided by Helixien!

RimWorld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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