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Epochs – Pottery Mod

Author of the Epochs – Pottery Mod: DetVisor

Welcome to another installment of my mod series entitled Epochs! Epochs is going to be a small mod series focused on adding small additions to make medieval/fantasy (but not restricted to that) playthroughs of Rimworld more fun or engaging, or even more scenic.

GitHub link to the mod repo.
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Epochs – Pottery Mod features

This mod is fairly more complex than the previous, and it adds 2 new workbenches, one which is medieval, and one which is industrial. It adds 2 new resources, Clay and Clay bricks, and it adds 2 new buildings made with those.

The mod has been updated with 2 (technically 3) new wall types!


Q: “Is this mod CE compatible?”
A: “I.. Suppose so?”

Q: “Is this tribal friendly?”
A: “Yes, clay and pots can both be made at a crafting spot, but big pots require either of the new turning tables, and clay bricks require a stonecutting bench too.”

Q: “My pots are brown!?”
A: “Yes, pots will always start out brown due to their material. They can be painted with 1.4’s built in painting system.”

Q: “I encountered an error!”
A: “Send me the logs so I can identify the issue.”

Q: “Can I suggest additions or new features?”
A: “Although the mod is considered complete, feel free to write down in the comments.”

Additional credits:

Visandar the Unliving for his generous donation of not 2, but 3 custom wall atlases, god bless..
Sir Van as his Dark Ages series was my main inspiration for Epochs.
SirLalaPyon as Medieval Overhaul was also a huge inspiration.

No fonts were made by me.

This mod is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which means that you can use and modify this mod as long as you credit me and others who worked on it.

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