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Endless RimWorld Mod

Author of the Endless RimWorld Mod: blobwatanabe

The Endless RimWorld Mod guarantees that a new wanderer will arrive within a certain amount of time (a day by default) after your last colonist dies. Enjoy the challenge of rebuilding from the smoldering ashes of your failure, over and over again.

Endless RimWorld Mod features

By default, a wanderer will arrive within a day after your last colonist dies. This maximum period can be set to any number of ticks (including zero, to trigger the event immediately) under Options -> Mod Settings -> Endless RimWorld -> Max delay. There are some typical presets defined there.


How exactly does this work?

x = the maximum number of ticks before a wanderer joins, which is a day by default but can be changed in settings.

When your last colonist dies, your storyteller’s incident queue is checked. If there is already a “wanderer joins” event scheduled within x ticks, that is simply allowed to happen. Otherwise, a normal “wanderer joins” event is scheduled after exactly x ticks.

The event will be a typical “wanderer joins” event, however that normally behaves with your configuration and set of mods.

How is this different from the Man in Black?

The Man in Black is an event that has a small chance of occurring once per game where a heroic man in black joins your colony if all of your colonists are downed but not dead. It gives you a chance to prevent all of your colonists from dying.

This mod will only trigger a normal “wanderer joins” event after all of your colonists have already died and your game would otherwise be over, and it does it every time.

Will this mod work if I’ve disabled the “wanderer joins” event in my scenario?


Can it be safely added or removed from a save?


Can’t you just wait a very long time until your storyteller generates a “wanderer joins” event randomly?

Yes, enjoy.

Can’t you just turn on dev mode and trigger a “wanderer joins” event manually?

Yes, enjoy.


Version 1.5
Endless RimWorld Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

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