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Empire Mod

Author of the Empire Mod: Saakra

Spread your influence far and wide with your faction by creating settlements that follow your will with the Empire Mod. Collect taxes from your settlements and respond to events that plague your people. Manage your own empire and benefit from your decisions; or fracture from your mistakes.

Empire Mod features

  • For an initial investment of silver, create NPC settlements that fall under your faction.
  • Manage what resources and goods the settlements produce.
  • Construct buildings on your settlements to give them bonuses to production or other unique modifiers.
  • Have your NPC faction assist you in your research.
  • Your NPC settlements will give you a portion of their earnings, they will pay you in either silver or in produced goods. You choose what they owe you!
  • At a glance, view tax reports showing the earnings of all of your settlements and decide to change based on your needs as a capital!
  • Construct buildings in your settlements that will improve their production capabilities, improve their ability to defend themselves, attack nearby enemies, and provide special bonuses.
  • Unlock new buildings as you tech up.
  • Manage your towns wisely, as if you overtax them, do not assist them in their times of need, or neglect to enforce your will with an ironfist, they will start to build unrest and your control over them will falter as they grow closer to independence.
  • Customize your faction and settlements as you wish.
  • Your settlements will receive titles based on their functions and descriptions based on both your faction and the settlement’s populace!
  • Upgrade your settlements to have more workers assigned to producing goods and money for a cheaper price!
  • Set policies and the traits of your faction, giving you full control over its benefits and drawbacks!, and future events that will be added.

Compatibility notes

Incompatible Mod: Save Our Ship 2.

Semi Incompatible Mods: Hospitality (When Guests from hostile faction are visiting, you cannot Get the Tax Delivery. You can still get them by waiting for them to leave though)

(Those mods prevent the creation of a Squad, otherwise the mod work perfectly fine): Android Tiers, Psychology and Moyo Cartel.

For questions, feedback and support head to the Official Discord Channel.

Additional credits: Shalax (writing), Helixien, MaoDetector and Mitz (Artists).

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