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El’s Archeology Mod

Author of the El’s Archeology Mod: El

Uncover ancient artifacts with El’s Archeology!

El’s Archeology Mod features

Build an archeology bench and let your studious pawns carefully crack open stone chunks to discover ancient archeological finds!

Each investigation takes a few hours and has a chance to uncover something, whether that’s prehistoric fossils, buried resources, lost treasures, powerful artifacts, and even the occassional danger.

Sell your finds for a quick buck or build a museum to house them and welcome a flood of tourists and donations!

Research advanced archeological techniques, and repair ancient weaponry that’s buried in the ground.

Uncover ancient equippable rings that burn the finger but provide powerful buffs if you accept their costs. Beware though, equipping a ring causes brain fog for up to a day, reducing consciousness even if you take it off.

In summary, archeology is a new activity that depends on intellectual ability and manipulation, providing another use for clever pawns outside of research, and a new way to gain exciting goodies during your playthrough, regardless of tech level. You can also unlock advanced tools for speeding up work and unlocking archeological restorations of ancient weaponry. Store your finds in museums and welcome the donations of the tourists that will pour in!

Thank you!

Thankyou to the following artists & coders from the Rimworld Mod Market for their excellent contributions:
C# coding for the one-off apparel equip effects and the museum room by nimrag!
C# coding for the randomized output of the archeology bench + tech support from Steveo.O!
Artwork for the archeology bench and cabinet, rings, shell, sword, and archeological stands by timesnewroman910!


If you enjoy my mods, you can buy me a coffee here:

I’d love to expand this mod if it does well. Here’s what I’d like to do if I get enough subscribes/donations:

  • Balancing. Lots and lots of balancing!
  • Tighten up the art I used from old projects.
  • Add lots more items! More simple finds like fossils and shells, and more rarer items like rings, helmets, and weapons.
  • Connect archeology with backstories & traits! Pawns that have “Wreckage explorer” or “Too smart” should enjoy archeology more, while “nervous” and “neurotic” pawns should perform worse.
  • More mod interactions! I’d like to add more links to other mods, so that when you have both, you’ll archeologically uncover items from those mods.

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