RimWorld Mods

ED-EnhancedOptions Mod

Authors of the ED-EnhancedOptions Mod: Jaxxa (ludeon), Jaxxa (Steam)

The ED-EnhancedOptions Mod adds various additional options to change the way Rimworld works.

ED-EnhancedOptions Mod features

  • Stop Letters from being shown.
  • Allow Plants to Grow 24H a day, also has an option for SunLamps.
  • Prevents Traps from triggering on your Colonists and Friendly Factions.
  • Allows force attack commands to be given to turrets.
  • Hides the Small Power Connection Wires, Still show in Power overlay Mode.
  • Suppress random Breakdowns.
  • Allow Speed4 Without Dev Mode needing to be enabled, can be turned on by pressing ‘4’.
  • Stop Forced Time Slowdown (Combat).
  • Stop Stripping Corps before Cremation.
  • Hide Marriage, Caravan Packing and Party Spots.
  • Suppress Rain caused by Fire.
  • Suppressing Roof Collapse.
  • Ability to Suppress writing to the Log File.
  • Ability to modify Learn Rate.

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