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Eccentric Militors Mod

Author of the Eccentric Militors Mod: BlackMarket420

Hello there dear outlander, and welcome to the eccentric militors mod!

The goal of this mod is to design all 100 comical-looking militors and separate them in different parts, but I wont touch its base stats, I wont change the weapon it’s using which is the shotgun, and I wont change its weapon’s raw damage and armor penetration. In exchange, I can add custom abilities to the militors, and modify its weapon’s damage properties and behaviors.

I’ll just warn you in advance, this mod isn’t to be taken seriously. although the militors are still the same weak-ass militor that we all know and love, the abilities and weapons are bound to become powerful, well, powerful but not game breaking. This mod mainly focuses the joy of designing custom militors and their abilities, in other words, this mod is for fun and nothing else.

Eccentric Militors Mod Features


Q: Is it safe to add mid-save?
A: Yes indeed

Q: Is it CE compatible?
A: Nope sorry, just ask the bois from CE to whip-up a patch for you

Q: is it balanced?
A: The militors are still the same cannon fodder as vanilla, but its abilities are indeed powerful. If I were to describe the power of the abilities, it would be somewhere similar to Vanilla Psycast expanded “which is powerful but not game breaking”. The shotguns are not that bad as well, the only difference is the damage properties of the shotguns but nothing too crazy where it can one-shot any pawns.

Although if you’re still adamant about balance, well, I already added a warning earlier, this mod is all about the fun of designing custom militors, as long as it doesn’t break the game, then that’s good enough for me.

Q: Do you accept my militor design concept?
A: DM me on discord, if it’s doable, I might add it in the future update.

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Version 1.5

Older versions:

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