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Dynamic Diplomacy – Continued Mod

Author of the Dynamic Diplomacy – Continued Mod: NilchEi

The Dynamic Diplomacy Mod allows NPC factions to interact with each other without any player input. These events operate on an independent timer and do not affect the frequency of other events. It is also possible to enable/disable any event added by this mod to better fit the player’s preference.

Dynamic Diplomacy Mod Features

  • NPC faction interactions: NPC factions can become hostile or neutral to another NPC faction once every 20 days on average. Permanently hostile factions can form peace with other NPCs, which can be turned off in the mod settings. NPC factions sharing the same ideology will not declare war against each other if they have a non-hostile relationship, except when forming an alliance against a predominant faction. Can be disabled in the settings.
  • Settlement conquests and raids: NPC settlements can be captured or razed by another hostile NPC faction once every 15 days on average, with razing disabled by default. Distance-based conquest can be enabled in the mod settings for more logical conquest patterns, but this may cause significant lag when the event triggers. An optional setting allows conquest results to be determined by actual battles between NPCs, creating a new map with two opposing NPC fighters that can be observed by clicking on the upper bar. The default option does not cause any lag.
  • New settlement construction: NPC factions can construct new settlements in nearby empty tiles using the vanilla starting site selection algorithm, considering biomes. This occurs once every 40 days on average and is disabled by default.
  • Ideology adoption: NPC factions can adopt ideologies from non-hostile factions that share at least one meme of impact 2+ from their original belief, or create completely new ideologies respecting the limitations set by the faction’s creator. Enabled by default.
  • Forced ideology adoption: NPC factions can force inferior settlements to surrender and adopt their ideology. Disabled by default.

Events exclusive to distance-based conquest

  • Worldwide alliances: NPC factions form worldwide alliances in response to a faction with more than 10 settlements that controls 40-60% of the planet. There is an 80% chance for each faction to join the alliance, with a cooldown of 10 conquest events.
  • Rebellions: NPC factions with zero settlements can rebel against dominant factions, with a 40% chance to overthrow each of the oppressor’s settlements.

New Scenario Setting

  • History Generation: Enable ‘History Generation’ as a permanent game condition in the scenario settings to start the game in a world where major wars have already happened, instead of the default where every faction has an even distribution. The length is adjustable in the mod settings. Since the event causes significant lag, it is recommended to wait for it to finish on the ‘World’ screen before playing.

Important Facts

  • This mod is event-based and can be safely added or removed from existing save files as long as there is no ongoing history generation. Removing the mod will trigger a short error, but it is harmless.
  • To adjust event frequency manually, open Steam/steamapps/common/workshop/content/294100/1875168898/Patches/Storytellers_Patch.xml with any text editor and edit the onDays and/or numIncidentsRange values. The number randomly chosen between numIncidentsRange value triggers within onDays. For example, if the former is 2-3 and the latter is 60, then 2 or 3 of that event will trigger in 1 year (60 days).

Compatibility notes

Assume this mod is compatible with ALL other mods unless listed below:

  • Relations Tab: Reported to make diplomacy change events from this mod non-functional.
  • Rim War: Compatible but unnecessary to run both mods as they have many similar features. Rim War makes NPC relationships a major gameplay component, while Dynamic Diplomacy handles them as background events with restricted gameplay impact. Choose whichever you prefer.
  • Faction Resources: New rebel factions created by the Dynamic Diplomacy optional event do not have resources. Disable/enable Faction Resources again to give rebel factions resources.
  • Non-vanilla storytellers: Custom storytellers that do not use vanilla BaseStoryteller settings as a parent will not trigger events from this mod. Check for compatibility by looking at storyteller.xml to see if the custom storyteller has BaseStoryteller as ParentName.

Report any other incompatibilities if discovered.

GitHub project page.

Languages available:
German (Added by original author)
简体中文 (Added by myself)
Français (Added by myself)

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