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Dungeon Core Mod

Author of the Dungeon Core Mod: 骸鸾

The ancient dungeons have emerged from the rimworld into the peripheral world! Treasures and dangers are hidden underground in the mist, and countless people who crave treasures are exploring these ancient buildings. Only a few can successfully bring back the treasures, while others become the treasures themselves.

Dungeon Core Mod features

A new quest

Ancient dungeon: An ancient dungeon appeared around the colony, attracting various treasure hunters. However,the underground insects and ancient Mechanical appear together in the dungeon, they wandered in the dungeon and attacked greedy individuals who coveted the treasure.

Custom maps

Five dungeon maps and one randomized dungeon map.

If you want to add some custom maps of your own design to the dungeon, you can watch the sample maps in this mod file and join my channel to watch the tutorial.

As long as your custom map has an exit with the exit name “DungeonExit” and the tags of the map has “Dungeon”, there is a probability that your custom map will be generated when dungeons are generated.

Additional credits:
Code: HaiLuan
Art: aaaa椿
Custom maps: HaiLuan Ancot KT411 aaaa椿

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