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Dubs Mint Menus Mod

Author of the Dubs Mint Menus Mod: Dubwise

The Dubs Mint Menus Mod adds new list boxes for recipe bills, health bills, plant selection, architect menu, research menu, and a quick select menu for designators, making it easier to find things when lots of mods are running.

Dubs Mint Menus Mod features

  • Mint wheel, a floating designator selector that can be opened via hotkey or mouse button, assign up to 20 designators from the Mint build menu.
  • Rimatomics style research menu, search by mod, project, or unlocks, filter out completed or locked projects, view all unlocked recipes things and plants. (May not work with other research mods)
  • Plant selection UI with search function, scaling options, shift click multi select and set, infocard on mouse over, and organised into sections by plant type like tree or food.
  • Recipe bills list with search function, image previews, scaling options, and displays the infocard on mouse over.
  • Health bills list with search function.
  • New build menu with search function, open with a hotkey or ctrl + click architect menu, or set it as default menu.

Search tips

You can use the search function to filter results

Recipe bills list search rules:
Recipe name – e.g. “hat”
Product name – “hat”
Mod name – “core”
Stuff Categories – “leathery”
Apparel body parts – “legs”
Apparel tags – “industrial”
Apparel layer – “OnSkin”

Build menu search rules:
Designator name
Category name
Mod name
Stuff category

Research menu search rules:
Project name
Mod name
Tech level
Unlocked thing name
Unlocked recipe name
Unlocked plant name

Discord for Dubwise’s mods: Discord

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