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Dresses in the Rim Mod

Author of the Dresses in the Rim Mod: Hartarok

Adds various dresses for your various dressing needs. For you fashionistas who play Rimworld like the Sims, or you psychopath fellow Rimworld enjoyers who wants to murder tribals in style.

Disclaimer: the mod is pretty barebones for now, i was trying to do art for fun during holidays but then decided to release it, because why not after all.
For now the textures are female only but maybe I’ll do the others body type aswell. One day. Eventually.

Dresses in the Rim Mod features

Currently adds three different dresses that can be found by researching noble and royal apparel.

The stats are pretty simple for now, i’ll tweak them when my lazy ass will get to it.
I’ll probably add more in the future and i’m open for suggestion regarding new idea or tweaks.

Currently planned

  • Drawing all body type
  • Slightly update existing textures

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