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Dreamer’s Dreams Mod

Author of the Dreamer’s Dreams Mod: Psyche

Have you ever wanted to add even more instability to fragile needs of your colonists? Look no further. The Dreamer’s Dreams Mod introduces dreams which have an impact on your colonists moods.

This adds additional risk factors to the game. It allows the pawn to get out of mental breakdown zone… or go into it even further.

Dreamer’s Dreams Mod features

  • Mod settings with options to customise your experience (turn off features or change chances for dreams).
  • Random dreams on each night generated after few hours of sleep. All those dreams are affected by many factors. Is the colonist hot? He will be more likely to dream about beaches. Injured? Then dreams about dying will be more frequent.
  • Lots of different dreams and more on its way.
  • Dream which give inspirations.
  • Pawns will sometimes sleepwalk during the rest and their behaviour depends on the context of the dream. It could happen to everyone but paws with one of the new Sleepwalker traits will experience it much more often. On top of that sleepwalker pawns with, e.g., Gourmand trait will binge food while sleeping much more often than others.

Current number of unique dreams: 52

Planned features:

  • Rare dreams which will give heal.
  • Dreamer mechanic – pawn with Dreamer trait won’t have standard dreams but dreams related to exploration of Lovecraftian Dreamland and encounters with Crawling Chaos and Great Ones. Dreamers’ dreams will have special effect on top of mood modifiers.


Everything is changeable in mod settings. You can adjust all values as you go 😀 Sometimes this mod will work for your favour but sometimes it might even send your whole colony into mayhem when that one pyromaniac goes on fire-starting spree because had a nightmare about eating spinach…

Compatibility notes

No problems so far :). It is using Harmony so should work with any mod that doesn’t modify original RimWorld code. It runs fine with huge amount of mods I run on my main saves.

Inspiration: main inspiration for this mod was HP Lovecraft’s stories. Especially “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” and stories that make up the dream cycle such as “The Cats of Ulthar” and “Celephaïs”.

Would you like to help with development of Dreamers Dreams? You can view the project on github: https://github.com/QarsoonMeel/DreamersDreams or access discussion forum on the Steam workshop page!

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