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Drakken Laser Drill Mod

Authors of the Drakken Laser Drill Mod: 空曜, TOT

The Drakken Laser Drill Mod provides a giant laser turret that can be upgraded infinitely through research technology: Drakken Laser Drill (technology need: Electricity)

Drakken Laser Drill Mod features

  • Infinite range.
  • Damage caused by power consumption (initial: 36/s) 【Mineable】
  • Unlimited upgrade of power storage, damage and armor penetration through research technology.
  • Unlock 2 active skills through research and technology (charging of active skills: the power consumed during the attack will increase the charging of active skills by an equal amount).
  • Immortality Protocol: when the Hitpoint returns to 0, it will not be destroyed, but will enter the repair state, and cannot be attacked in the repair state. Restart the turret after Hitpoint fixed to Max.
  • Some data can be adjusted in Mod settings.

Control by icon

  • Attack · Frame selection: two clicks are required. The first click is to confirm the box to select the starting position, and the second click is to confirm the box to select the ending position. After confirmation, attack all “Buildings and Pawn” within the frame selection range (priority to attack Pawn)
  • Attack · All enemies: click to automatically search all “Enemies” on the current map (wild animals will not be attacked)
  • Auto: When on, the enemy will be attacked automatically when the attack incident (if the enemy arrives through the drop pod , there will be a delay of 10 seconds)
  • Attack · mouse position: 【increase output power and consume 3 times of power】 After confirming the starting position of the attack, the Drakken Laser Drill will follow the mouse position to emit laser, causing damage to all objects within 1 grid around (be careful of friendly injury) (When clicking “left click” again: stop the attack. When clicking “right click”: please do not do this. If you click the “right click”, you need to click the stop button to stop the attack)
  • Stop: stop the attack action, unable to stop the Concentrated Beam and Pulse Cannon
  • Concentrated Beam: 【increase output power, consume 6 times of power】 attack all objects on the selected path (cause a total of 22 times of basic damage) (only cause no damage to your side)
  • Pulse Cannon: 【increase output power and consume 10 times of power】 The main laser attacks all objects in the selected and surrounding 2 grid positions, converges the secondary laser and causes damage to the enemy on the action path, and finally causes an explosion of 10 times of basic damage within the 13 grid range (46 times of basic damage in total)
  • Damage control: manually control the amount of damage output. For 7-12 damage, an additional secondary laser will be added for each+1 damage (decorative)

Compatibility notes

CE: Theoretically compatible, but I’m too lazy to study the damage and armor code of CE, so you need to adjust the damage and armor penetration yourself in Mod settings.

Bug with Semi-random research Mod
Problem: will continue to upgrade when the research is completed
Solution: let Pawn advance the number of research progress, no matter how many.

Xml + Dll: 空曜
Texture: 空曜,TOT


Version 1.5
Drakken Laser Drill Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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