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Door Clearance Mod

Author of the Door Clearance Mod: Owlchemist

A lightweight mod which adds an extra validation rule when items are placed on the ground – they will now consider door/gate tiles as invalid. The goal here is to prevent sensitive doors from being stuck open due to items suddenly being placed, such as those caused by butchering, milking animals, or stripping prisoners.

Q. Isn’t this just DontBlockDoor? What’s the difference?
A. Yes, the two mods set out to accomplish the same thing. As a fan of that mod myself, the original plan was to submit some performance optimizations to its author. However, upon closer review of the code, it was in my opinion that an entirely different technical approach was in order, built from the ground up.

This version here aims to accomplish the same goal with only a single patch, transpiling a method that is only seldomly called to minimize the harmony overhead.

Compatibility notes

  • This does not touch your save file and can be added or removed any time.
  • Should be compatible with any door-adding mod.

Additional credits:

  • tikubonn: For the original concept of this mod which has been serving the community well since 2019. Countless chicken jailbreaks were prevented thanks to their efforts.


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