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Don’t Tempt Me! Mod

Author of the Don’t Tempt Me! Mod: Krozzy

So found out how easy it is to get rid of raiders or save your pawns from certain death with developer mode, and now you can’t seem to stop doing it… The Don’t Tempt Me! Mod will take away the ability to enter developer mode completely, so cheating won’t be an option for you anymore.

Don’t Tempt Me! Mod features

  • Removes the developer mode option from the options menu.
  • Removes the change AI option from the options menu.
  • Games started with Don’t Tempt Me! enabled can only be loaded with Don’t Tempt Me! enabled.
  • Games started without Don’t Tempt Me! enabled cannot be loaded with Don’t Tempt Me! enabled.
  • The debug log is still accessible through the mod options.

Compatibility notes

WARNING: If your game becomes bugged while using this mod for what ever reason, you will NOT be able to fix it with developer mode. Do Not use any mod that is known to cause game-breaking bugs!

Post any questions or bugs related to the Don’t Tempt Me! Mod on the author’s Reddit page.


Version 1.4
Don’t Tempt Me! Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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