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Divine Order Mod

Author of the Divine Order Mod: Botch_Job

The Divine Order Mod adds a new medieval/fantasy faction to the game, along with a bunch of associated weapons, apparel, items, styles and more.

Divine Order Mod features

The Divine Order faction

Either forcefully initiated or born into the order, these people are iron-clad in their faith and consider it their divine mission to cleanse the realm of what they believe to be corruption. They are highly distrustful of outsiders but not completely without reason, and have been know to form uneasy alliances if they see the benefits of doing so.

New weapons and apparel

The arms, armor and clothing of the Divine Order, unlocked through completion of new research projects.

A new item, ‘Sacred Tablet’

Required to be studied for the elite armor research project and is also a crafting component.

Sacred tablets can be acquired through trading with the Divine Order faction and have a chance to be carried by crusaders, inquisitors and heralds. They can also rarely appear as quest rewards.

New buildings and styles

Includes a new ritual effect, altar, sculptures and more.

A new type of horse

Larger, stronger and faster than regular horses with multiple colour variations and a unique saddle pack. Can be purchased from the Divine Order faction and can also show up with merchant caravans.

Compatibility notes

The mod should be compatible with most things but works well alongside Medieval Overhaul, RimFantasy, Vanilla Factions Expanded – Medieval aswell as most of the other go-to medieval mods.

Rimedieval – Compatible but due to how Rimedieval affects pawn generation, it may cause pawns to spawn with different weapons and apparel than intended.

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