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Dispensary Mod

Author of the Dispensary Mod: firestarme

More Control over your Colony’s Drug Stocks

  • Want to lift the mood of your colonists with a few smokeleaf joints?
  • Want to make your pawns wedding just that little bit wilder with a stock of yayo?
  • Or just make your millions by tempting your neighbours with the scourge of flake.

Do all this while carefully avoiding addiction by keeping your drugs under lock and key!
FireCorp accepts no responsibility for any addiction resulting through use of its dispensary products

Dispensary Mod features

Adds the objects:

  • Dispensary: Links to a stockpile to provide drugs to pawns that are authorised to use them via the vanilla drug policy system. This building fits on to a wall and blocks access to this protected stockpile.
  • Drug Room Door: A special door that blocks access to pawns assigned to specific drug policies. This can be used to keep at-risk pawns out of the protected drug stockpile. Beware though! anyone can pass the door if it is unpowered (will act like a standard door). Unlocked with the research ‘Autodoors’

Github repo: https://github.com/Firestarme/DispensoryMod
Report Issues: https://github.com/Firestarme/DispensoryMod/issues

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