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Diagonal Walls Mod

Author of the Diagonal Walls Mod: Roughrider

The Diagonal Walls adds diagonal wall tiles.

Diagonal Walls Mod features

Due to the way Rimworld implements walls, it is not possible to create diagonal walls without tricks and compromises. This mod uses 5 new tiles to cover most use cases.

  • Basic Wall: A thinner wall that is flush with diagonal walls.
  • Diagonal Wall: Diagonal wall, with inner/outer corner pieces.
  • Connector Wall: Connects basic and diagonal walls.
  • Large Diagonal Wall: For walls that are 2+ block thick, allows for better masking.
  • Large Connector Wall: For walls that are 2+ block thick.


Is this compatible with mods that add new walls, such as embrasures?
This mod adds new walls, it doesn’t modify existing ones at all. It won’t conflict with anything, but there is currently no support for diagonal embrasures.

How does this effect the hitboxes?
Hitboxes are unchanged. Diagonal walls are functionally identical to regular walls, they are just a reskin.

Is there a way to fix the shadows?
As far as I know, there is no way to add diagonal roof shadows or sun shadows. Those are created by the engine. Consider using the No Shadows for best results.

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