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Device Standby Mod

Author of the Device Standby Mod: Cedaro

Devices will standby while not used, with configurable power consumption.

Why not just Turn It On and Off? Most buildings in Turn It On and Off are hardcoded, making it almost impossible to extend. And the author also seems no longer focusing on RimWorld.

Device Standby Mod features

This mod is a complete rewrite, more building can standby, more mod compatible, more performance friendly (probably), and can be easily extended using just xml patches.

Devices can standby:

  • Electric bench or act as electric bench
  • Electric facility connected to bench
  • Scanner
  • Vitals monitor
  • Sun lamp
  • Hydroponics basin
  • TV
  • Pot
  • Fridge
  • Turret
  • Wastepack atomizer
  • Mech recharger
  • … and more!

Compatibility notes

Confirmed supported mods:

  • Vanilla Furniture Expanded
  • Vanilla Cooking Expanded
  • Vanilla Nutrient Paste Expanded
  • Extrematorium Etc.
  • [LTS]Furnishing
  • [RH2] Uncle Boris’ – Used Furniture
  • More Vanilla Turrets 1.1+
  • Rim-Effect: Core
  • Rim-Effect: Asari and Reapers
  • Rimsenal – Core
  • Rimsenal – Security Pack
  • Rimsenal – Federation Faction Pack
  • Rimsenal – Feral Faction Pack
  • Wall Vitals Monitor
  • Omni Core Drill (Continued)
  • Resource Drop Pod Redirection
  • RimBank (Continued)
  • Moyo-From the depth
  • Simple Utilities: Fridge
  • Simple Utilities: Celling
  • Enhanced Vat Learning
  • Armor Racks
  • A Dog Said… Animal Prosthetics
  • MendAndRecycle
  • Wall Light
  • Sniper Turret
  • Utility Columns
  • Dubs Rimatomics
  • Dubs Bad Hygiene
  • Kit’s Power Protein Continued
  • Biotech Mech Stuff Elongated – Mechanoid Upgrades V2
  • Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion

More mods are potentially supported!

Be careful of your power! This mod will absolutely mess up your estimation of how much power your colony really consume. Do build a robust battery pack or you may suffer from Insufficient power every day.


Q: Save compatible?
A: Yes

Q: Can used with RePower?
A: Sadly no, it won’t take effect. You can configure the power factor for working device if you want more balance.

Q: Request mod support?
A: Leave name in comment section, I may add it later.

Patch tutorial? See in mod folder.


Version 1.5

Older versions:

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