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Det’s Xenotypes – Avaloi Mod

Author of the Det’s Xenotypes – Avaloi Mod: DetVisor

Welcome to yet another installment of Det’s Xenotypes, this time around we’re sailing off from the grim and dusty reaches of the rim, and delving into the complex and colorful world of the coreworlds, introducing the Avaloi!

The Avaloi are a xenotype of artists, poets and philosophers, stunningly smart and colorful folk genetically engineered for beauty. Unfortunately, living on a clean and crisp glitterworld has made them incredibly weak to any toxic pollutant or gas, and their party-filled lifestyle has rendered them genetically dependant on booze, thankfully, they gain psychic sensitivity from it!

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Det’s Xenotypes – Avaloi Mod features

The mod also comes with a lovely set of unique glasses for their three-eye head


Q: “Is this mod CE compatible?”
A: “Likely not.”

Q: “But DetVisor, there are no aliens in Rimworld!”
A: “Correct, and these aren’t aliens, they’re a hyper-adapted subset of humans much like the other vanilla xenotypes.They’re meant to look more unique than things like Hussars and Impids, while still looking human.”

Q: “Are they aquatic? They look aquatic.”
A: “They aren’t, but their visuals are inspired by aquatic flora and fauna.”

Q: “Since they don’t have a faction, where do they spawn?”
A: “They’ll mainly spawn as non-hostile Ancients, in the Empire faction from Royalty or occasionally as outlanders and drifters.”

Q: “Does the Psychic Inebriation gene have compat for other drugs?”
A: “Nope, it only checks for the vanilla alcohol hediff, meaning it’s compatible with Vanilla Brewing Expanded drinks as they all use normal alcohol as their base.”

Q: “Is this safe to add mid-save?”
A: “Yes, but don’t remove it!”

Q: “I encountered an error!”
A: “Send me the logs so I can identify the issue.”

Q: “Can I suggest additions or new features?”
A: “Although the mod is considered complete, feel free to write down in the comments.”

Additional credits:

– Almost all art assets, icons, infographics and screenshots made by me.
– All C# made by SmartKar.
– The awesome storyteller-styled art used on both the preview and page is made by Visandar the Unliving. Also, he was an incredible help when it came to the visuals of this race, truly, thank you.

No fonts were made by me.

This mod is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which means that you can use and modify this mod as long as you credit me and others who worked on it.

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