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Deployable Turret Mod

Author of the Deployable Turret Mod: hYPERION

Adds a deployable burnout micro-turret. Acquirable through either a utility pack, or a bionic ability.

Deployable Turret Mod features

The micro-turret fires an extra shot per burst than a mini-turret and fires ever so slightly quicker, but lacks the same robustness and range. It will also burn out after 12 hours of operation.

Turrets deployed from a kit may return up to one of the two industrial components needed to field them. While Turrets assembled from a gunslinger bionic arm will never yield back resources.

Enemies that can carry broadshield or other utility packs may very rarely have a chance to carry a turret kit instead.

Instead of normal explosions, micro-turrets sometimes go out with tiny EMP blasts.

Comes with some custom sounds. (Including a very subtle TF2 reference.)

Compatibility  notes

Includes a bonus patch for Persona Mechanoid Pawns, allowing the gunslinger arm to be installed onto them.

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