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Definitely More Cannons Mod

Author of the Definitely More Cannons Mod: Fary

The Definitely More Cannons Mod adds more cannon turrets, both manned and unmanned separated into several different types. Intended to be used as an extension of vanilla turrets. And also recommended to be used along with other mods that add new pawns that are difficult to kill (More difficult than mechanoid centipedes). This mod also adds armored mechanoid centipedes that are near impossible to kill with small caliber weapons because of their high armor stats.

Compatibility notes

The Definitely More Cannons Mod is not compatible with Combat Extended.

If you don’t like the Armored Centipedes, check out this other version of the mod without centipedes.


If you encounter any issues or bugs, please post them in detail (with error logs, screenshots, etc.) here.


Version 1.4
Definitely More Cannons Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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