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Deathpallcalypse Mod

Author of the Deathpallcalypse Mod: Phaser Rave

Shambler Horde Mod adds a shambler faction and scenarios to RimWorld. One may be used without the other. The addition of a shambler faction allows for more interesting interactions with storytellers. Whether you want a shambler apocalypse with no other factions, a zombie wave defense with the Winston Waves storyteller, or simply pockets of concentrated shamblers, this mod has you covered.

While there are other zombie mods, the Shambler Horde Mod aims to provide a simple shambler horde experience integrated with the features of the Anomaly DLC.

Shambler Horde Mod Features

Deathpallcalypse scenario:
The planet was buried in darkness half a quadrum ago. Our colony had been besieged by the undead ever since. We put up a good fight, until their numbers grew too great and overtook our defenses. Three of us managed to escape during the onslaught, abandoning our home and regretfully sacrificing those who remained. We are being chased.

This scenario has perpetual deathpall, and frequently calls forth shamblers.

Note: This is my first RimWorld mod, so there’s a bit of an odd interaction when using the faction – they can kidnap or possibly steal your stuff like normal factions might. I haven’t figured out how to change that. Might be a bit immersion breaking.

The mod is likely unbalanced, but that might be subjective.


Q: Does this mod allow for a medieval playthrough?
A: It seems to work with Medieval Overhaul Mod. In a quick test, I saw one zombie out of dozens wearing flak pants, the rest were wearing tribal clothing. Your mileage may vary. I have not made any changes to the shamblers themselves, so if a mod makes them medieval only, then it should be compatible.

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