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DBH Addon: Expanded Pack Mod

Author of the DBH Addon: Expanded Pack Mod: Farx

This mod is my small addition to the main functionality of Dubs Bad Hygiene, as well as a continuation of the idea of ​​giving a second life to junk from Ideology. It also contains many retextures for DBH, many of which were already included in one of my previous mods. If you use this mod, then don’t worry about compatibility, the items in these mods are adapted to each other.

I’ve also tried to make everything in the Vanilla Expanded style, so advanced toilet and shower now glowing as spacer furniture, and new royal fixtures may require Vanilla Expanded Furniture research if mod enabled.

DBH Addon: Expanded Pack Mod features

Compatibility notes

Some mods that rewrite the functionality of junk can interfere with the operation of this mod, and vice versa. I recommend turning off those that also adapt ancient plumbing for use with DBH.

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