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Dark Ages: Medieval Tools Mod

Author of the Dark Ages: Medieval Tools Mod: Sir Van

Dark Ages: Medieval Tools aims to give your peasants a bit more to work with than hands. Giving a variety of tools to improve the harvest, speed up the construction of the new barracks or simply hack off a limb before the infection drags your faithful knight under the ground.

If i forgot anything, scream it in the comments.

Dark Ages: Medieval Tools Mod features


Q: What’s Dark Ages ?
A: See it as a series of mods that would add a bit more around medieval/fantasy settings.

Q: So is this a Medieval Overhaul related mod ?
A: No but the artstyle is aimed to be similar to fit in, it was also a big inspiration so i heavily invite you to check it out.

Q: What mods are used in the screenshots beside this one ?
A: Medieval Overhaul/Clean Textures/Regrowth : core

Q: I found a bug !
A: If it throws you some error toss the logs, i can’t do much without.

Q: Will the crane work for quarries ?
A: I don’t think i can really link it as is to the quarry, but maybe one day.

Q: What research do you need for the tools ?
A: All smithing except the broom, as for the buildings they’re tied to the same research as the workbenches.

Q: Can i suggest something ?
A: You totally can, i think i covered most of what i’d consider useful but if you spotted something i didn’t i want to hear it!

Additional credits:

Sir Van for the art and xml.
Taranchuk for the extra c#.
Visandar for his help on the design of the thumbnail.
SirLalaPyon for being absent so i can make things before he does.
You for reading the credits and actually paying attention to the description.

And everyone that I forgot !

This mod is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which means that you can use and modify this mod as long as you credit me and others who worked on it.

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Version 1.5
Dark Ages: Medieval Tools Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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