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Dark Ages: Crypts and Tombs Mod

Author of the Dark Ages: Crypts and Tombs Mod: Sir Van

Dark Ages: Crypts & Tombs aims to give just a bit more “life” to your pawns final resting place.

Always hated how your medieval crypts lacked that little something? Well I think you’d probably find something to your liking here.

Dark Ages: Crypts and Tombs Mod features


Q: What’s Dark Ages ?
A: See it as a possible series that would add a bit more flavor around a medieval/fantasy setting.

Q: So is this a Medieval Overhaul related mod ?
A: No but i encourage you to play with it as i will not make anything that isn’t already covered by Medieval Overhaul.

Q: I found a bug !
A: If it throws you some error toss the logs, i can’t do much without.

Q: Why do i need VEF for the torch ?
A: it uses a comp for it to be placed on a wall and i didn’t want to make the whole mod VEF dependent over one building.

Q: Can i suggest something ?
A: Of bloody course you can and i even want to hear your ideas ! I sometimes run short of those myself and good ideas are always appreciated !

Additional credits:

  • Thanks to Det, Zomuro and Cat for the help refining the descriptions.
  • Thanks to Sandwish and Sovereign for their help figuring out some random stuff within the xml.
  • Thanks to Visandar for sketching and helping with some of the designs.
  • Thanks to Pyon for being such an inspiration and one of the first people that helped me become a rimworld artist.

This mod is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, which means that you can use and modify this mod as long as you credit me and others who worked on it.

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