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Cyberpunk Nomads’ Workshop Mod

Author of the Cyberpunk Nomads’ Workshop Mod: Mewn Goddess

This mod adds 4 vehicles from Cyberpunk 2077: Shion ‘Coyote’, Type-66 ‘Javelina’, Colby ‘Little Mule’ and Quartz ‘Sidewinder’. All cars are equipped with an ‘Arasaka David IIIC’ turret and require a new research project to be completed in order to be constructed.

The mod was commissioned by ParaNautic via the RimWorld Mod Market Discord server.

Cyberpunk Nomads’ Workshop Mod features

Compatibility notes

Russian translation included.

Additional credits:

XML by Taranchuk
Art and Infographics by Mewn Goddess
Commissioned by ParaNautic

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