Cybernetic Warfare Mod

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Authors of the Cybernetic Warfare Mod: Luizi, Trunken

Unfold the power of superior weapon systems

The Cybernetic Warfare Mod contains a wide spectrum of different weapon types with fantastic effects and eye candies. New late game content with beautiful artwork, customized sound effects and well written lore complementing atmosphere and flair.

Cybernetic Warfare Mod features


  • Energy Claws
  • Energy Sword
  • Chain Sword (AP)
  • Gun Blade (Mix)
  • Shocker (Knuckles)
  • Disruptor (Knockout)
  • Napalm Blaster (Flamethrower)
  • Havoc Launcher (Multi Burst Grenade Launcher, 1×1)
  • Dual Eraser (2x Machine Pistols)
  • Riot Breaker (Chain Shotgun)
  • Ballistic Shredder (SMG)
  • Ballistic Combat Gun (AK)
  • Ballistic Enforcer (AR)
  • Plasma Gun (Burn)
  • Recon Bolter (Laser)
  • Accelerator (Hybrid)
  • Coil Gun (Charged)

Special Features

  • Cleave (Requires Jecstools)
  • Knockback
  • Napalm
  • Plasma
  • Laser
  • Bio
  • Orbs
  • Electro
  • Ferromagnetic
  • Explosives
  • Multi Shots
  • Rapid Fire
  • Fire Modi
  • Ammunition Changer


  • Several ballistic power houses for urban fights and ground control
  • Dual wield machine pistols for the trigger happy (Full compatible)
  • Knuckles with stun, knockouts and electrification
  • Biological Weapons
  • Gauss and Firemodes for distance shots
  • Claws for cleaving multiple targets
  • Sword collection

Shoot with high calibre cartridges or explosive shells. Take out important single targets with even more power and range. Toast your enemies with animated flames or bomb them back to the stone age with a havoc of toxicity. Blast them away with your lasers, plasma or particle mixtures at atomic-molecular level. Or just bring your jail under control with your new maximum security equipment. Dangerous suspects will think twice.


  • Skill: 9-16 Crafting
  • Technology Level: Industrial / Spacer / Ultra
  • Research: Ballistics / Cybernetic Warfare / Framework Weaponry


A wide-barreled multi launcher assembled by some cyberpunks for street wars against the concern. The blueprint quickly fell into the hand of some corporations, which ended up using the replica against their own inventors… on well-trained and paid security forces. The shells detonate on impact, leaving a small poison cloud behind known as the havoc. This heavy form of toxicity destroys biological organs in seconds. The name is kept until now.

Compatibility notes

Auto Patching: This mod has no dependencies and will work with a lot of components, if found. Just load it late, lean back and watch the magic. The first of three mods of a series, brought to you by the worlds greatest gunsmiths.

Additional credits: GFX Cyborg Weaponry * by Luizi & Oskar Potocki, Engineering * by Ogliss & XeoNovaDan, Support * Mehni & Evaine, Brother in Arms * Kikohi, Harmony * Pardeike, JecsTools * Jecrell.

Translations: Japanese 日本人 * by Proxyer

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Cybernetic Warfare Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Textures
  • Fun


The Cybernetic Warfare Mod brings new weapons to RimWorld. Because the vanilla weapons are simply not enough… and these new guns look fantastic!

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