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Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network Mod

Author of the Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network Mod: KikohiKikohi

The Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network Mod lets you create your own cyborgs and super soldiers. Make specialized squads with combat chips controlled by an artificial intelligence or let your bruisers go outta control with energy fists and outer blades made of titanium. Enhance their agility with advanced musclewire or give em a cyclops visor for more precision.

You can use eye piercing neuromods to transfer the brain structure and enhance their skill levels or brainwash their passions to restart from zero. Shield them in exoskeleton armors or with Dermalplatings directly fusioned with the body.

Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network Mod features

It contains a variety of Cyborg & Android Prosthetics, Artificial Body Parts & Weapons, Transformations, Transplantations, Neural Chips, Fusions and Enhancements.

  • Energy Core (Mechanoid Power Cell)
  • Energy Link (Shield Enhancer)
  • Energy Fist (Body weapon)
  • Outer Blade (AP Body weapon)
  • Power Arms (Body transforming, Strength)
  • Berserker Chip (Enrage)
  • Mindtwist (No remorse)
  • Eye piercing Neuromods (+2 all abilities)
  • Autonomic viruskiller (Antibodies for immune system)
  • Brainwash (Trait reset)
  • Muse Chip (Virtual identity)
  • Passion Giver
  • Neuro Enhancer (Thinktank)
  • Mind Clearer (No Thoughts)
  • Reconditioner (No job restrictions)
  • Flash Light (Earside Lamp)
  • Laser Detection (Earside Scanner)
  • Sensoric Earside (Perception)
  • Combat AI (Trageting)
  • Cyclops Visor (Sight)
  • Shadowrunner (Stealth)
  • Musclewire (Movement)
  • Dermalplating (Protection)
  • Exoskeleton (Protection)

Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network

All surgeries and items have their own drawbacks, neuromods for example can paralyze your pawn or create a lasting but tendable white noise. Every operation can fail. Hundreds of new features like an Earside Flash Light for mining, which turns off in the sunlight or while sleeping, never done by another mod before.

Compatibility notes

The Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network Mod is compatible with all of the following mods:

  • Combat Extended
  • Forsakens
  • Android Tiers
  • Android Tiers Arsenal (Upcoming)
  • Mechanoid Power Source
  • Cyborg Weaponry (Upcoming)
  • Cybernetic Organism and Neural Network (CONN) – load it here –
  • Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion (RSBE)
  • Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering (EPOE)
  • Bionic Icons (recommended)
  • Animal Cybenetics (AnyC)

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Version 1.4

Older versions:

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